How To Make The Most Of The Back-To-School Boom

The back-to-school shopping season is the second largest retail spending holiday online and in-store each year, it contributes to 17% of total yearly sales in the US.

In 2016, it was reported to have generated over £57.3 million in product sales alone. During this time the opportunities for retail sales soar as students of all ages need to prepare. With many shoppers researching online, are your PPC campaigns ready for the boom? If not, don’t worry! It’s not too late to get started (or fine-tune) your back-to-school PPC strategy, using the tips mentioned in this post you can make sure you’re reaching the consumers at the perfect time.

Start Early

Have you ever known someone that buys their Christmas presents only half way through the year? Be that prepared. Search history shows that people are looking to get the best deals as early as June. Making sure your strategy is in place when interest spikes is key to make the most of the seasonality peak.

Be There For The Unorganised

As you can see in the image, consistently year on year there are still searches made well into September. Usually people assume that by this point, people have started school and are no-longer interested in these seasonal items. Why not take advantage of this and include a special offer to make sure each search results in a click to your website. This could make a key difference to consumers choosing your company over competitors.

Really Target Your Audience

Although it’s student that will use your products, this doesn’t mean that the buyer is. Understanding your audience is key, so use your own initiative to decide who may be searching – whether that’s student, parent, partner or teacher – and tailor your strategy around them. For example, someone searching for pencil case supplies would probably be a parent, and the information they want to know would be different to that of a young student. In recent years it’s become easier to target specific age groups through PPC targeting, similarly through Display we can also target key demographics such as parents or ‘likely to be married’.

Combine All Your Best Sales Techniques

Back-To-School sales are eye-catching, big and definitely competitive. Although a lot of people are looking for the best deal, they want more than just a voucher code. You need to be bold with your advertising, shout about why your company is better than the rest, why your product stands out from the crowd and consumers will react to that. Of course everyone loves a good deal, but a good deal along with a stand out product is even better.

Aim High

You may have a strategy with your ad position throughout the year, but when a seasonality spike hits everyone will be throwing theirs out of the window. Don’t be afraid to bid high to maintain or improve your usual ad rank. From experience, during these peak periods ad positions can be very reactive, so take time throughout the day to check the live search results and ensure your advert stays in prime position.

Remarketing Is Key

Back-to-school is the perfect time to reach out to people that have previously visited your website and give them an incentive to give you a try. Now you’re able to still target people over a year later, so this could be the perfect opportunity to win the customer once again. If you make sure to separate your audiences by product pages visited, you can really personalise the adverts to what the buyer is looking for.

We hope that these tips can help you have a smooth back-to-school boom and make a tidy profit!

Lauren Beales. All-round digital marketing guru.