Quality Score 101: How To Improve Ad Relevance

Are your Adwords campaigns performing as well as they could be? If you’re an Adwords guru then is it possible, but typically there is always room to improve.

Google uses a metric called Quality Score to determine where adverts should appear in the SERPs and how much each advertiser should have to pay per click. To better your Quality Score, there are 3 key points to consider – Ad relevance, Landing page experience and Expected CTR. Although each of these points are equally as important, today we’re going to be focusing on Ad Relevance and how you can improve this metric to better your adverts performance.

Account Structure

The most common issue we see when Quality Score is damaged due to ad relevance is the account structure. When creating a new account, campaign or ad group you have to make sure that you’re taking the structure into consideration. Making sure you separate variations of keywords into multiple ad groups means that you can tailor the ad copy for each to perfectly match the keywords used.

Ad Copy

If you’ve perfected the structure of your account, picking the perfect wording for your ad copy should be simple! Google reviews ad copy based on how relevant it is to the exact search a user makes, so ensuring you have the exact keyword within the context of the advert at least once is essential. If possible, we suggest including it in the Headline, Description and Display URL to benefit the most. Don’t focus too much on being creative with your wording, as long as you include your company USPs and a clear CTA you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Landing Page

We can only assume so much about the most relevant page by the keywords chosen, but consumers may be looking for slightly different information. We always suggest split testing 2 or 3 landing pages when creating new campaigns and letting the on-page-metrics advise your decision. Trust your expert opinion and pick landing pages you know your site visitors are looking for, just make sure that they mention the keywords chosen for the highest relevance.

If you take the 3 points above into consideration when creating new campaigns, we’re sure that your ‘Ad Relevance’ statistics will be ‘Above Average’ and you’ll be on your way to Quality Score success!

Lauren Beales. All-round digital marketing guru.