3 Major Tips For Targeting B2B On PPC


At it’s core, B2B advertising through Paid Search is no different than B2C. Both focus on targeting consumers that are actively looking for the products or services that you provide. Both target search terms and both are looking to generate traffic, conversions or leads and most importantly – engagement. Targeting a B2B audience this way may seem daunting, but with these 3 key tips you’ll be running successful campaigns in no time.

Don’t focus solely on conversions

For most B2C campaigns, generating a high volume of sales is the main KPI. But when you’re running a B2B campaign it’s important that you understand that the sales process can often be much longer. You often won’t be tracking sales, instead it may be lead generations, downloaded content or even event registers. It’s important to focus on the big picture rather than just ‘conversions’ generated. It can be easy to think ‘well if we’re generating a lot of leads we must be generating a lot of sales’ but that can often not be the case. To inform your bidding strategy it’s important to look into where your consumers have exited the sales funnel and focus on the terms that are taking consumers to the very end.

Be careful with your keywords

Something we have seen time and time again when it comes to B2B campaigns are poor keyword understanding and structure. Something you should know well if you have previously ran a PPC campaign is that a granular keyword strategy is always best. More often than not we have seen clients coming to us with a full broad strategy that is bringing in irrelevant clicks and draining the budget. Something we would always suggest is to start with phrase match for B2B businesses and assess the activity that these terms go on to generate. These terms typically have a much lower search volume than B2C terms, so going with phrase will help you still capture those highly relevant long-tail terms. If you’re using any other match type aside from exact, please remember to fully flesh out your negative terms! We highly recommend putting in ‘reviews’, ‘jobs’ and ‘free’ as a minimum for B2B businesses.

Think of your target audience

Ad copy is something that differs greatly for B2B campaigns compared to B2C. Due to the fact you’re not often looking to immediately drive a sale, call-to-actions are something you need to be careful when using. The go-to’s such as ‘buy now’ or ‘order today’ would not work, but things such as ‘get more information here’ or ‘contact us today’ work much better. The reason behind this is you’re dealing with buyers who have a lot of factors to assess before a purchase is made. They are just conducting research at this point of contact, and often wouldn’t be able to ‘buy now’ even if they wanted to due to internal processes and potentially large price of your product/service. In addition, they’ll also want to speak to someone before committing to a purchase rather than just being able to click ‘add to cart’ like most B2C sales.

When it comes down to it, although the bones of the account may be the same – you need to understand that the buying process is different. If you focus on driving clicks, keeping customer contact and a strong remarketing strategy you will be driving big sales in no time.

Lauren Beales - Account Manager & all-round digital guru