Beat The New Instagram Algorithm Update

If you’re an active user on Instagram and your app has been crashing over the last few weeks, don’t panic! It’s just Instagram performing yet another update.

Since Instagram was created back in 2010, the app has had a problem with bought followers, likes and the endless bot comments. This might be coming to an end, as rumour has it that since the latest update, Instagram can tell if you’ve bought followers and you may start to see these disappear.

Instagram now only shows your content to 10% of your audience which if you have 100 followers, only 10 people will get to see your images. If you receive early engagement on your content, Instagram will unlock the remaining 90% and show your images to the rest of your audience. The app may give you decreased visibility if you don’t respond to your comments within sixty minutes, which will mean lack of responses will decrease the visibility of your hashtags and posts if you don’t respond within this time. The comments won’t count if it’s just an emoji or a few words, it needs to be four words or more to count towards any engagement. Keep an eye on the comments everyone within the first hour, this is crucial to unlock the 90% and reach a wider audience.

For a long time now, we have always known that it was crucial to add at least thirty hashtags within the caption or in the comment box to be able to reach a wider audience. Instagram is now seeing this as spam and advise to use only five relevant hashtags. In my experience one to fifteen hashtags are still reaching a bigger audience. Search which hashtags are currently trending, if you are unsure which ones would be relevant to your post. Remember the more unique the better, as if you use one of the more popular hashtags, your images are going to get lost on the feed.

Make sure you don’t make any typos or mistakes in posting in your images as editing the caption or comments will show decreased visibility. It’s better to delete the image and start over then to edit the post.

Instagram Stories are the way forward to be in with a chance of more visibility. Instagram has stated in the past that they like when people use Instagram Stories the most as they feel this is what keeps bringing people back to the app. To reach a wider audience organically and to be in with a chance of getting your posts higher engagement, make sure you’re posting on Instagram Stories every day.

The most important thing to remember is engagement is key.






Victoria Thompson - Account Executive & blogger extraordinaire