UK Worktops

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"It's fair to say Haystack Digital have surpassed our expectations, halving our average cost per enquiry whilst increasing the volume of enquiries generated."
Mark Small, UK Worktops

UK Worktops are a premier producer and distributor of granite, quartz and solid surface material. Specialising in the finest worktops for kitchens, bathrooms & commercial spaces.


Following significant growth online, UK Worktops sought our PPC expertise to achieve:

Increased market share on search
Streamlined advertising spend
Sub £40 cost per enquiries


Increasing UK Worktops’ low market share on search was immediately prioritised. Predominantly built around broad match keywords, PPC advertising spend was generating largely irrelevant traffic with minimal conversion potential. The resulting poor CTR and quality score had caused Google to serve adverts to just 40% of the available market.

A complete PPC account restructure saw exact and phrase match implemented throughout, ensuring maximum control over traffic relevancy. In addition, individual ad groups were set up for each of the product types sold onsite. This meant that all queries, generic or highly specific, were met with relevant ads which directed the searcher to the most suitable landing page.


✓ 150% increase in conversion rates sees monthly enquiry volumes increase by 32%
✓ Advertising spend reduced by 23%
✓ Overall cost per enquiry slashed by 46%
✓ Overall market share on search increased by 52%

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