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"Haystack's Google Shopping strategy reduced our CPA and vastly increased the profitability of our Paid Media traffic."
Leon Doyle, WifiPlug

After launching the worlds smallest smart plug in 2012, WifiPlug expanded their product portfolio in 2015 with the addition of GLASS light switch. Since then the company has established itself as a market leader in the home automation market.


Following the launch of GLASS the wifi enable light switch, WifiPlug sought our expertise to establish the most profitable route to market online for their new product. The client prioritised:

Identifying the most relevant online media coverage for GLASS
Driving the highest volume of traffic for the lowest CPCs
Delivering incentives to the most valuable consumers


Thorough media planning identified Google Shopping as the most most effective media space, both in terms of potential traffic volume and cost efficiency. Having executed numerous Shopping campaigns within the tech market, we knew the best converting product lines were those with little variation in type, meaning the images showcased on Shopping are often all that is needed to pre-qualify the consumer’s purchase.

Having fully optimised the product data feed inline with Haystack’s proven formulas, prominent Shopping rankings were established rapidly. We soon had a mass of search term data detailing the best converting keywords that consumers had searched prior to clicking our Shopping adverts. Although we had established a Shopping CPC over 70% cheaper than Google’s suggested bids for traditional PPC, we utilised this conversion data to cherry pick what we knew would deliver the highest quality PPC traffic, despite the higher cost. This data led strategy allowed us to incentivise our PPC ad-copy, safe in the knowledge that the promotional discounts were been offered to the highest converting sources of traffic.


✓ Month on month cost-per-sale decrease of 30%
✓ 98% impression share secured within the highest converting search markets
✓ Cost-per-clicks generated 70% lower than Google’s suggested bids.