Creating Different Content For Social Media Channels

Social media has taken over the world and using social media platforms is the best way to get your brand noticed, however each platform plays by its own rules.

What may work on Facebook, might not necessarily work on Twitter and vice versa. You need to know what works well within your brand and to post different content on each platform, as it’s more fun to keep it varied and interesting. From a brand perspective it’s best to be on all social media channels to gain more brand exposure and to reach more of a wider audience.

Too many brands have social media channels for the sake of having a presence online and to reach a wider audience however, if you are not engaging with your followers on each platform you aren’t going to see results. Every social channel has its own unique audience and just because your post achieved a lot of engagement on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to see the same benefits over on Twitter.

Your followers aren’t the only ones that notice when you repost content- social media channels are slowly catching on and Twitter is one major platform that is limiting identical content as part of their effort to stop bots and spam accounts. Make sure you are posting the correct content for your followers, ensuring each message you post suits each platform.

I know it’s difficult to post everyday on all different social media channels, let alone having to post different content on each but even making small tweaks within the text can show that you are making a difference and paying attention to what your followers enjoy. Using relevant hashtags and tagging accounts can boost your visibility which can separate your posts from the bot accounts but make sure to use different hashtags on each channel to gain more exposure.

Scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite will make the process easier to post and schedule content across multiple platforms, with a unique message for each channel.

Victoria Thompson - Account Executive & blogger extraordinaire