Google Expands Text Ads Again, But With A Big Difference


When Google first released expanded text ads, advertisers rejoiced. Somehow overnight, text ads had doubled in size and the possibilities for new ad copy seemed endless. On average, advertisers reported that they’d seen click-through rates (CTR) increase by 20% or more thanks to this change. Over the past few years Google have continued to make changes, doing everything possible to give advertisers the best opportunities to showcase what makes there business unique – introducing price extensions, app extensions, message extensions and increased character limits across the board.

But over the past two years, the way we shop online has changed. We’ve moved even more so to mobile and our devices have become bigger and bigger. We search more, for more specific answers, and are always looking for more information. Twitter realised that 140 characters just  wasn’t enough, and now Google has realized the same thing.


Thanks to the latest update, expanded text ads are now bigger and better than ever, offering an optional extra headline AND description so you can take up prime SERP’s real estate and draw in more qualified clicks. Something that makes this addition different to those before, is the fact that this time the additional headline and description are not always guaranteed to always show.


On smaller screens where there just isn’t enough space for a 300 character ad, so there may only be 2 headlines and 1 description shown. With that in mind, make sure to write your ads so they’re still amazing without the latest additions, make sure all of your crucial information is mentioned within the 2 headlines and 1st description otherwise viewers may only get half of the picture. We’d suggest using the newest additions to enhance your USP’s, talk about shipping information or add more CTA!

Lauren Beales - Account Manager & all-round digital guru