Haystack’s Top Tips On Working From Home

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world and as more companies are implementing the work from home strategy, employees are tasked with trying to be as positive and productive as possible

To some it might sound like a luxury to be working from home but don’t be fooled as this is no holiday. Every job is different and we’re fortunate enough to be able to work in an industry where it is possible to work from home, however, maintaining your productivity levels is easier said than done. We thought we would put together a few tips to help you avoid procrastinating and keep you motivated during this difficult time.

Timing is everything

Just because you’re not heading into the office at the moment, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep to a schedule. Waking up at the same time each morning will keep you motivated and get you ready to start your day. Maintaining your work-life balance and working your normal hours that you would whilst you’re in the office is key to keeping motivated and sane while you’re working from home.

Get dressed

Don’t stay in your PJ’s all day while you work, get yourself dressed for the day. This will help you mentally prepare for your day, because as easy as it might be to just wake up and open your laptop in bed to start working, it won’t be productive in the long run. Wake up at your normal time, get dressed and create a work space at home so it feels like you are at the office. This will keep you motivated and productive (as, always right?).

Keep in touch with your colleagues

If you work as part of a team, it’s a good idea to check in with everyone now and then. You might be finding it difficult going from being part of a large group to working from home by yourself but don’t worry, as most people are in the same boat right now. Check in with your manager each morning and send a job list for that day, this way your manager knows that you are on top of your workload and all is well. Each week encourage your work to organise Google hangouts so you can all check in with one another, just for a “chinwag” if nothing else.

Take an exercise class or get some fresh air

If you commute to work by walking, catching public transport or driving; yes, you will be saving time working from home, but you also don’t want to be sat down all day. We’re not suggesting that you go to the gym at this time, but there are other ways to get a bit of exercise while you’re at home. How about trying out a YouTube exercise class or even taking a short walk outside to get some fresh air. If you do go outside for a short walk, make sure to wash your hands as soon as you get back home. Stay safe people!

Victoria Thompson - Social Media Manager & blogger extraordinaire