Is Voice Set To Dominate The Future Of Search?

Technology is changing the way we see the world and there’s no denying that we’re quite spoilt when it comes to technology. Many of us will admit that we can’t live without it and Voice Search is the next big thing for 2018.

In 2017 sales reached a high of 17.1 million worldwide, and the holiday season saw a further 16.1 million smart speakers shipped. The growth is huge and is showing no forms of slowing down.

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search consists of consumers speaking directly into their devices rather than typing their enquiries into a search engine. Companies including Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home, Amazon’s Echo and Alexa have all got involved and invested in their voice-driven technologies and virtual assistants. From asking your devices to play your favourite song, ask what the weather is doing and the most popular one is to ask for directions. Your devices try to answer all your questions, and they are learning every day.

How is Voice Search going to affect PPC?

We are reading a lot lately on how Voice Search is going to be the next best thing, which makes us think that businesses should start thinking about how they can adapt to this new brave world. It’s all about adapting your PPC campaigns to drive more performance which will become more vital as longer queries will arise in search query reports. It’s important to choose the right search engine as iPhone and Android currently have exclusive contracts with Bing, however Google Home’s search engine would be Google.

Any potential advertising opportunity through voice search will be generated from question based queries. Therefore, we predict companies will need to develop quality content in relation to questions beginning with what, when, how and why. For, example ads in relation to ‘where is the closest restaurant in London’ compared to ‘restaurants in London’ will capture more voice queries.

Although Voice Search has been on our mobile devices for a while now, 2018 will be where the battle starts for advertisers to find solutions via voice-activated smart speakers.

What are your thoughts on Voice Search and how it will impact PPC? Are audio ads set to dominate in the future?

Victoria Thompson - Account Executive & blogger extraordinaire