Online Shopping Or High Street?


I feel like I can speak for most of the nation that we have all purchased at least one item online in our lifetime as well as shopping with in stores, but is there anything specific that we prefer to buy online than in a store and what are the benefits of online shopping? Let me share with you some of my favourite tips on online shopping.

Struggling with carrying your bags of shopping

No more heading to the supermarket and struggling all the way home with the routine big food shop, carrying things is now a thing of the past. I mean how nice would it be to chill at home in your onesie with a glass of wine, order your food shop online and then the next day have someone deliver it all to your front door. I bet you any money that is totally going to be your plan when you get home this evening from work.

 Sending gifts to your loved ones

Forgotten that it’s Father’s Day coming up and you don’t have time to find a gift or it’s a loved one’s birthday? Don’t panic! Simply have a look online, make your purchase and get your gift delivered the next day. You can either get the gift delivered to yourself or straight to your relative and you will have the option to add a gift card as well, making you look like the most organised person on the planet.

Finding great deals that may be cheaper than the high street.

It’s sale season and you’re dreading heading out into the crazy world of sale shopping. You know it’s going to be super intense so why don’t you stay home and shop in comfort, instead of fighting over the last pair of boots on sale. The benefits of sale shopping online are that you are more than likely to purchase the items you want instead of searching through rails and rails with in a store. Also, you can check out the reviews for your items, and when they do arrive and if you’re not that keen on them, you can just return them easily.

Avoiding distraction

How many times have you gone to the store for specific items and then actually get there to buy loads of other products that you didn’t even need, get home and then realise that you forgot to get the items that you initially left the house to buy. Hands up if you have done exactly that, as I know I have. Head online, and order everything that you need from the comfort of your own home and get it delivered the next day. Sorted!

Victoria Thompson - Account Executive & blogger extraordinaire