The Power of Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Before the world of social media, word of mouth was key in generating brand awareness and getting traffic through the door. Nowadays, people rely on Influencers, Bloggers and YouTubers to share their recommendations on beauty tips, fashion hauls and where’s the next go-to place to visit.

Back in 2017, 71% of consumers were more likely to make a purchase based on a social media referral. It’s 100% more effective coming from a person and not the company direct, as it appears more relatable and trustworthy.

Companies across all sectors have recognised the value of this new form of advertising and what the social media Influencer can bring to the table in working with them to scale brand awareness.

But what about restaurants?

Let’s face it, people love to post their meals on social media, and we love to drool over the pictures. Working with the new trend of Foodie Influencer’s will guarantee to get people talking about your restaurant and seeing the numbers increase walking through your doors.

There are multiple options working with a Food Influencer:

1.Gifting Collaboration
2.Giveaways & Contests
3.Host a tasting evening where you can invite multiple Influencers
4.Work with Bloggers & YouTubers

It can be quite tricky to find the right Influencers that are going to be on brand for your restaurant, especially if you haven’t worked with Influencers in the past. Here at Haystack, we have the resources and knowledge to connect the restaurant with Influencers who match their brand, location and the desired follower count.

If you are a restaurant looking for Influencer Marketing, get in touch to discuss this in more detail. Our team are ready to deliver your free Influencer Marketing proposal!


Victoria Thompson - Social Media Manager & blogger extraordinaire