UK Mother’s Day Buying Trends

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate that special lady in your life – your Mum!

In the UK Mothers’ day lands right in the middle of Valentine’s day and Easter Sunday which doesn’t leave a big turn around for brands to get their new marketing campaigns out there. But in the short term this doesn’t appear to make a huge difference, as the bond between a mother and child proves far too strong.

Last year, it was estimated that British people spent over half a billion on gifts for Mother’s Day and in 2016 Mother’s Day spending equalled the same as Easter. We also tend to spend more on our Mum’s with an average spend of £30.00 in comparison to our Dad’s with a £10.00 average spend (sorry to the Dad’s out there).

Back in the day the norm was to buy our Mum’s a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, we have now broken out of that cycle and we are getting more adventurous with our gift choices which statistics show that over the past few years there has been an increase of personalised gifts. Back in 2015 it was estimated that there was a £1billion spend in personalised gifts, so who knows how much the spend will be this year and that is why it’s so important for brands to get their adverts out there as soon as possible to beat of the competition.

The peak for Mother’s Day Search traffic is right now. As the big day approaches on Sunday 11th of March, we are already seeing related keywords gather search volume. The following keywords that proved popular back in 2017 were, “gifts for mum”, “buy mum a gift” and “need a Mother’s Day present”.

If you have been thinking about optimising your website to capture customers then the time is now, also start thinking about your company’s social media strategy. If your company has social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram then it’s time to start sharing your brand with posts and tweets for all your followers, this way you can create a natural and real buzz to retrieve organic results.

Give your Mother’s Day PPC campaigns that special Mother’s touch and start sharing your content now to get your brands noticed.

To all the Mum’s out there, have a great Mother’s Day.

Victoria Thompson - Account Executive & blogger extraordinaire